Dragon Professional Anywhere

Cloud based, Enterprise ready, speech recognition software


Cloud based enterprise documentation – lightweight versatility, heavyweight performance

Nuance® Dragon® Professional Anywhere is an enterprise, on-premise speech recognition solution empowering business professionals to create high-quality documentation – all by voice. Enterprises can streamline repetitive and manual documentation processes, while saving time for IT staff and boosting productivity and efficiency for busy professionals across work teams and work groups.

Highly scalable and ready-to-use, Dragon Professional Anywhere works across your existing infrastructure of Windows-based devices, including virtualized and remote-access PCs. The lightweight Windows client application downloads and installs in minutes, and provides an encrypted connection to your off-premise or on-premise data center. It can be customized to include sector specific terms, phrases, and formatting rules that ensure a fast and accurate speech recognition experience. Additional features include customisable voice commands and auto-texts, navigation and voice-based correction.

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      Product highlights

  • Achieve faster documentation turnaround

  • Enable employees to focus on their “real job” rather than administrative work

  • Extend existing investments and increase quality documentation within enterprise systems

  • Eliminate the need for costly transcription services or inefficient manual processes

  • Reduce liability risks associated with inaccurate or incomplete documentation

  • Ready to use, requires no speech profile training, includes accent detection and automatic microphone calibration.

  • Simplify IT’s job with a solution that’s easy to deploy, maintain and centrally manage.

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Volume Licensing offers you a lower cost of ownership for multiple copies of Dragon software. Support, upgrade assurance and training available to suit your organisation's needs.
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