Olympus DR-1200 & DR-2200 microphones

Professional dictation solutions 


Listen to and manage audio recordings  

The DR-1200 & DR-2200 hand-held microphones have a one-thumb operation and a stainless steel trackball for extra-precise navigation. Extra large record and playback push (DR-1200) or slide (DR-2200) buttons ensure efficient operation.

It has a low-noise directional microphone to reduce undesired background noises and ensure the best results in speech recognition and transcription. A powerful and integrated speaker with digital volume control supports a clear playback.

      Product highlights

  • USB direct dictation device
  • Large multi-functional push buttons with trackball
  • Directional microphone to reduce undesired background noises
  • Engineered to work best with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software
  • Powerful integrated speaker for clear playback with built-in volume control