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We can provide all of your Dyslexia & Coping Strategy coaching, Assistive Technology training and software/hardware needs

Our Coping Strategy Training Consultant, will explore how ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyspraxia or Anxiety affects you and develop practical strategies to help you overcome the daily challenges of living with these conditions.

Whether you are employed or self-employed, our strategy coaching can help you feel more in control and achieve better results in your life whether academically, socially, managing stress and anxiety or in any areas that you want to improve including relationships and finding ways to communicate effectively with work colleagues, friends and family...Read More

Assistive Technology software & hardware

We supply a wide range of Assistive Technology software which includes Dragon Professional Individual (speech recognition software), TextHelp Read and Write Gold (text-to-speech software) and Inspiration (mind mapping software)...Read More

Our extensive catalogue of hardware devices include Olympus digital voice recorders, headset microphones (both wired and wireless), hand-held microphones, Smartpens, ergonomic keyboards/mice and other equipment that can assist you...Read More

Your one-to-one coaching session enables your qualified instructor to concentrate on your specific needs, with the aim of removing any necessary barriers to learning.

Your Dyslexia Practitioner will determine your individual learning needs & teach you in a way that you can learn from. They ensure your course is tailor-made for you, the individual, in the context of your job and priorities.

Areas in which we may assist you include organisational skills, memory strategies, time management, literacy skills & reading skills...Read More

Assistive Technology Training

One-to-one training at your desk, home or even at our training suite in Sussex will give you the skills to use your assistive technology software or hardware effectively.

Learn to operate your PC by voice using speech recognition software; have your documents and e-mails read back to you using text-to-speech software; dictate your reminders onto a recorder for later transcription. 

Each course is designed around the software applications and hardware devices you need to use in your daily life at work and at home...Read More


What our clients are saying about us... 

"Veena was very good at not only training me on the software but also helping me get over a very tough year. Having never had any help for my Dyspraxia (diagnosed 22 years ago) and then having the training on Dragon & Inspiration has made a terrific difference. Having struggled to get Dragon to work in the past - its amazing the difference some training has made." - Karen Clarke (Kingston University)

“My trainer was extremely personable and I built an instant rapport with her. I was able to focus in on key issues very quickly and come up with practical strategies based around the way I work because of her training. The training was incredibly useful and I would definitely consider going back to Freedom of Speech for additional training in the future.” -Benjamin Brown (Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust)

Neil Wheeler delivered the software training in a friendly and easy to digest way. An excellent teacher!” - Robin Bower (IBM)

"The trainer was so good that I asked if he was a manager…and it turned out that he was one of the owners. I wasn’t surprised. He clearly has a passion, commitment and talent for his job. I was so impressed with the whole experience that I recommended to the Service Lead that we exclusively use Freedom of Speech as a provider in future if we can."
Thorn Tania (Oxford Health)

“Freedom was very helpful over the phone with a problem and I would recommend your company to many people. I was more astounded with the level of service I received from freedom of speech. With the training George gave me I found the material clear and easy to use, and has made it a lot easier and quicker. I would just like to thank freedom of speech for all the help they have given me to improve the work that I do.” - Tess Ashton (Leonard Cheshire Disability)

“The training material was very clear and accurate and I found it beneficial to use the simple flow charts that the trainer demonstrated with rather than just reading from a standard manual. The training was very useful.” - Jennie Pitcher (Buckingham Healthcare NHS Trust)

“The training exceeded my expectations as the trainer was very knowledgeable and more patient than I had expected. I am very confident with recommending Freedom of Speech to others.” - Claire Hewitt (Canterbury College)

"London Probation has had a very good experience of working with Freedom of Speech over a number of years, particularly in relation to the understanding of, and provision of specialist assistive technology such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and TextHelp Read and Write Gold, and training of staff with manual dexterity difficulties, dyslexia or other neurodiverse conditions.  They have taken care to ensure that the recommendations they make for assistive technology adjustments meet the requirements of the individual staff member and are compatible with the Probation IT systems and working practice. They have provided very good group and individual training sessions and an effective support service.  This has helped our staff to improve the quality of their work and helped the organisation improve its understanding of good practice in this area in relation to both employment practice and service delivery." - John Hague (Assistive Technology Manager, London Probation Service)