Medical speech recognition solutions

Desktop and cloud-based speech recognition software for medical practioners

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the right speech recognition solution for your clinical setting, as compared with non-medical Dragon offerings.

Featuring among other functionalities: special medical vocabulary, EHR support, data encryption support, special medical formatting, medical search commands, and is compatible with the Nuance professional microphone Powermic III.

Command and control replaces multiple mouse clicks and keystrokes with your voice. It is faster and easier to open applications, switch windows, send e-mails or search the web. EHR support allows you to navigate and dictate inside clinical applications...Read More

Professional Services

We offer on-site one-to-one and group training courses enabling you to use your speech recognition and digital dictation solutions both quickly and effectively.

Our installation, configuration and consultancy services ensure a smooth, effective deployment adapted to your specfic needs. This is backed up by our post-training technical support services (including remote access)...Read More

Using a secure cloud-based app, clinicians can use their voice to securely capture the patient story more naturally, efficiently, on their terms.

Dragon Medical One provides a consistent and personalised clinical documentation experience that spans solutions, platforms, devices, and physical locations. Portability to work at any workstation with the Dragon Medical One Desktop Application.

Compatible with all leading EHRs, and designed with virtualisation in mind, the Dragon Medical One desktop app provides secure, accurate, and portable cloud-based clinical speech recognition across a wide range of Windows devices....Read More

Digital Dictation Solutions

Our extensive range of Digital Dictation devices include Olympus Digital Voice Recorders, transcription kits and the latest ‘Olympus Dictation Management software’ (ODMS) providing award winning workflow solutions.

Smartphone based ‘Olympus Dictation Delivery Service’ (ODDS) apps enable existing smartphones to become digital dictation devices with audio file transfer workflow capability...Read More