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One-to-one training is the solution.

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Dragon Professional software

One-to-one training at your desk, in a classroom environment or even at our training suite in Sussex will give you the skills to dictate letters, e-mails and operate your PC by voice. Each course is designed around the applications you want to voice operate and includes custom voice commands created on the day. We also provide you with user guides, quick reference sheets and other useful material. Read our training feedback below.

Olympus digital dictation software

Whether you are an author wanting to dictate letters, reports and patients notes using a digital recorder or a transcriptionist wanting to learn how to access audio recordings and type them up, we'll show you how. Our courses include using the Olympus ODMS software to download, save & access your audio recordings.

Assistive technology software

We have years of experience training users with RSI , dyslexia and other learning difficulties how to successfully use their assistive technology software. Let us show you how text-to-speech software can be used to have on-screen text read back to you, mind mapping software used to create visual reports and screen magnification software enhance the way applications are viewed.


Dragon software installation and set-up

Let us guide you through the best way to implement speech recognition software into your current network or even simply install it onto your PC. From small to large installations, knowing the optimum way to configure this speech recognition solutions gives you the best end-results.

Olympus digital dictation installation and set-up

Ensuring that the Olympus ODMS software is installed and configured for your specific environment is key to having a productive, working digital dictation solution. We are able to provide you with our many years of experience and ensure that with the minimum of effort, you are able to deploy this solution quickly and securely.

Technical Support

Use our technical support helpdesk to assist with all of your post-training technical queries. Whether you are a individual requiring assistance with an on-screen message or a large corporate requiring remote access to re-configure an application, we offer a variety of support services to meet your on-going needs.

We also offer on-site services on request to assist IT departments or end-user resolve any technical queries that may arise. Support services are available for all our products & services.

Dyslexia Strategy Training

Dyslexia Strategy Training

Dyslexic Strategy Training offers you the benefits of multi-sensory teaching methods that are clear and split into memorable chunks of information. Typical lengthy training courses can cause an overload of information which can result in a negative impact on your learning. This principle is central to your training, which teaches that difficulties with Organisation, Reading and/or Writing should not make you feel inadequate & uses an approach that recognises that all of us process information, in a different way.

Your one-to-one training session enables your qualified instructor to concentrate on your specific business needs, with the aim of removing any necessary barriers to learning and enhance your strengths. Your trainer will determine your individual learning needs & teach you in a way that you can learn from.

Our Dyslexia Practitioner not only has the understanding of what is required to ensure we support your learning methods, but is also qualified in training the Assistive Technology products which are supplied to you.  This considerable benefit ensures you are being advised in using the appropriate areas of your software, to accompany your newly learnt skills.

Your course is tailor-made for you, the individual, in the context of your job description and your workplace priorities.  Areas in which we may assist you include organisational skills, memory strategies, time management, planning work schedules, literacy skills / reading skills / writing skills, confidence building & computer skills.


What our clients are saying about us... 

"Veena was very good at not only training me on the software but also helping me get over a very tough year. Having never had any help for my Dyspraxia (diagnosed 22 years ago) and then having the training on Dragon & Inspiration has made a terrific difference. Having struggled to get Dragon to work in the past - its amazing the difference some training has made." - Karen Clarke (Kingston University)

“My trainer was extremely personable and I built an instant rapport with her. I was able to focus in on key issues very quickly and come up with practical strategies based around the way I work because of her training. The training was incredibly useful and I would definitely consider going back to Freedom of Speech for additional training in the future.” -Benjamin Brown (Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust)

Neil Wheeler delivered the software training in a friendly and easy to digest way. An excellent teacher!” - Robin Bower (IBM)

"My trainer, Veena McMath, exceeded all expectations. She went above and beyond the support I was expecting. She was friendly, informative, helpful and most importantly was able too understand the styles of my learning and working. Couldn't of asked for anyone better. " - Daniel (Hampshire County Council)

"I learnt so much from the training session and have increased in confidence in my IT skills and feel less panicky about having to write reports and complete my paperwork. The trainers gave me the time I needed to learn how to use the software and were very patient with me. I felt that the training was very well delivered. I felt Freedom of Speech were very professional and went out of their way to please me. Both Veena and Neil were amazing trainers. They took their time to listen to my needs and tailor the training to exactly what I required. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone in the future." - Annabel Storey (Nottinghamshire County Council)

“Freedom was very helpful over the phone with a problem and I would recommend your company to many people. I was more astounded with the level of service I received from freedom of speech. With the training George gave me I found the material clear and easy to use, and has made it a lot easier and quicker. I would just like to thank freedom of speech for all the help they have given me to improve the work that I do.” - Tess Ashton (Leonard Cheshire Disability)

"London Probation has had a very good experience of working with Freedom of Speech over a number of years, particularly in relation to the understanding of, and provision of specialist assistive technology such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and TextHelp Read and Write Gold, and training of staff with manual dexterity difficulties, dyslexia or other neurodiverse conditions.  They have taken care to ensure that the recommendations they make for assistive technology adjustments meet the requirements of the individual staff member and are compatible with the Probation IT systems and working practice. They have provided very good group and individual training sessions and an effective support service.  This has helped our staff to improve the quality of their work and helped the organisation improve its understanding of good practice in this area in relation to both employment practice and service delivery." - John Hague (Assistive Technology Manager, London Probation Service)

“The session was good and interactive. Having the training materials that Freedom of Speech provided helped me considerably. All aspects were covered in the training and I felt confident in using the software in my day to day working life.” - Islam Shirazul (NHS South London CSU)