Great text-to-speech solution


Reads back your letters and e-mails   

ClaroRead is a highly effective, multi-sensory software solution for supporting reading and writing. ClaroRead can speak practically any on-screen text out loud and includes a wide range of visual tools are included to colour, highlight, and focus on text as it is spoken by the computer.

ClaroRead improves written accuracy with an enhanced spell check, homophone check, thesaurus and speaking dictionary.

      Product highlights

  • Available in 'Pro' edition, 'Plus' edition, 'Standard' edition and 'SE' (click the 'More details' link for a list of features for each edition)
  • Screen masking (overlays the screen with a virtual coloured overlay)
  • Document scanning  (to have printed material read back to you)
  • Reads the contents of PDFs