Olympus RecMic II series microphones

Professional dictation solutions 


The intelligent and flexible USB microphone  

The RecMic II Series on hand-held microphones are created to cater to the highest demands of professionals who want the best usability and results with any speech-to-text solution. The four models of this new series provide a variety of button and form factor options to meet the needs of your software and dictation requirements.

All devices also come with an extra smooth UV-coating and silent buttons to reduce disturbing touch noises. The antimicrobial surface meets hygienic requirements, especially in medical areas.

RM-4010P - recommended for users of real-time speech recognition. Equipped with a trackball, offering easy and fast mouse control. All buttons can be assigned with the commands you need most often.

RM-4015P - Equipped with 8 GB internal memory that can be used like a USB-Stick and allows for instant storage of your most important documents or the Dragon user profile 

RM-4100S - This slide switch model provides three additional customizable function buttons that can be used to assign shortcuts for frequently used commands who do classic dictations .

RM-4110S - The slide switch model RM-4110S offers a trackball with highest usability for easy and fast navigation instead of the 7 customizable function buttons. 

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      Product highlights

  • Trackball with smart Cursor Motion - Faster Cursor Navigation & Mouse Control – The integrated trackball allows control of your mouse cursor while dictating.

  • Closed Loudspeaker Chassis - Thanks to this Clever Construction, the speaker generates enough volume with good sound quality even from the smaller opening of the body.

  • Triple-Layer Sound Studio Pop-Filter - Best Results With Speech Recognition – The construction blocks the wind noise of the mouth when talking into the microphones and ensures that no pop-noises are recorded.

  • Antimicrobial Surface - Effective Against Microbes – The antimicrobial materials in the surface of the devices effectively protect against microbes.

  • Microphone Stand with automatic Stand Detection - Smart Microphone Stand – The dedicated microphone stand allows you hands-free dictation, while operating with other instruments. The RecMic II automatically switches to wide directional between hands-free and classic dictation, without the need to alter microphone.

  • HID Keyboard Mode - Full Compatibility – The user can select between three different modes, which are operating in a standard HID-Keyboard mode. Two are pre-defined button settings either for Dragon or Windows Speech Recognition and the third is fully customizable via the Olympus RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT).