Read&Write (for Access to Work)

Effective text-to-speech solution


Reads back letters and e-mails  

Read&Write (for Access to Work) is an easy-to-use flexible toolbar containing support features to make reading, writing and research easier for you. The software has been designed to address some of the issues that people with dyslexia face daily, namely reading difficulties, writing difficulties, problems with spelling and general literacy support.

Functions include Text-to-speech, Word prediction, speaking spell checker (with definitions), document scanning and screenshot reader (to have any on-screen text, even in a web bowser) read back.

      Product highlights

  • Wide selection of human sounding voices
  • Available in 'Gold' edition & 'MAC' edition and also on 'USB memory stick' (click the 'More details' link for a list of features for each edition)
  • Screen masking (overlays the screen with a virtual coloured overlay)
  • Document scanning  (to have printed material read back to you)
  • PDF aloud (listen to the contents of PDFs)