Zoomtext Magnifier & Reader

Advanced screen reading & magnification solution


Magnify your on-screen text

ZoomText Magnifier enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, making all of your applications easy to see and use.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader combines the revolutionary new features of ZoomText Magnifier with a powerful set of reading tools, giving you the total computer access solution. See and hear what you’re doing in all of your applications right through your computer’s speakers.

      Product highlights

  • Available in 'Magnifier' edition or 'Magnifier/Reader' edition

  • Compatible with Windows 8 & 10 (including touch screen support), and the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office

  • Magnification levels from x1 to x60

  • Colour enhancement schemes

  • 'xFont' technology sharpens magnified text