Dear diary,

After screaming and punching my pillow as a result of the world’s most frustrating day, I thought it best to write down my thoughts. OK that might be a slight over exaggeration but seriously, Mr Dyslexia Difficulties came to visit me today.

So it was the day of the job interview today.

I woke after a fabulous night’s sleep dreaming of Brad Pitt in his youthful years. Looking almost romantically at my clock, my eyes widen. I stare at it in disbelief. I stare at it again hoping I am hallucinating. It’s 8am. 8am!! I overslept by an hour!

Jumping out of bed in a mad panic, I trip over the bag I had meticulously packed last night in preparation for today. I kick it in retaliation and run to the bathroom.

Brushing my teeth I search aimlessly for my hair brush. Where is it? It was here yesterday. I spit out the foamy tooth paste and run back into the bedroom. Looking at my bag apologetically, I rummage through it looking for my hair brush. After what feels like forever removing the whole contents, I find the hair brush hiding in the front pocket.

I begin to curse. “Why oh why?” I mumble to myself.

Hair done… well sort of. I do that funny run walk people do when they are in a hurry. Dodging the contents of my bag sprawled along the floor, I aim for the wardrobe. Dressed in my Sunday best, I head downstairs.

I look at the clock in the kitchen. Its 8:30am. I am meant to leave the house now. Out comes the hurry dance as I move around the kitchen grabbing my house keys and a granola bar from the cupboard.

Putting my shoes on, I stop. There’s something I have forgotten. I stand there looking around. I am dressed, I have my house keys, my bag….. oh drats! My bag! Kicking my shoes off I run upstairs faster than Usain Bolt heading for the finish line at the 2012 Olympics. No time for careful packing so I go for the two hand scope pack. Pushing the clip down, I run back to the door with the bulging bag in hand.

Phew! I didn’t miss my train. I sit at the station for a minute or two and relax. I count backwards from 10, soothing myself from that madness.

The journey was pleasant. I managed to get a seat by the window. 20mins later I have arrived and as I approach the barrier, I swivel my bag to my front and look for my train ticket. I rummage, rummage a bit more. My water bottle drops out and shoots across the floor. Rushing over half crawling, I pick the bottle up and down goes the bag. Out comes the umbrella, purse, pocket sized mac (for those rainy occasions), glasses case, notepad… the whole contents of my bag.
On reflection, the two hand scope method of packing this thing really hasn’t worked. Ah ha! I find it! Hand up in the air feeling like a winner, I place the ticket into my mouth so I won’t lose it again.

Bag stuffed, I’m on my way. Right, time to head for this office.

Hand in my pocket I search for the post it note I had written the address on. Out I pull dozens of the colourful little sticky monsters that are stuck into a mass pile up. Remember to buy milk… nope not that one. Remember to call the doctor. Definitely not that one. Ah here it is … dn9 6rj.

I type the postcode into Google maps on my phone. Postcode not found. What do you mean postcode not found?!  I try again. Postcode not found.

OK. Not a time to panic. I will call them. “number unknown”. Keying the number in carefully once more, I raise the phone to my ear in hope. “number unknown”.

Cursing under my breath I head for the bench in the middle of the station. Hissing at my dyslexia quietly.

Thank goodness for Google. I call the number straight away.

“Hello your through to Aimee at TG Corporate. How may I help you?”

Oh thank goodness. A friendly voice.

“Hello. Yes. Bridget Smith here. I have an interview at 10:30am.”

There is a pause. Pauses are never a good sign from my experience.

“Err, yes Bridget. Hello. Your interview is actually booked for 10am. How can I help you?”

What?!?! Its 9:55am now! How am I going to get there on time. I’m flustered, sweaty and now I am lost. I decide to play it cool.

“Yes that’s it. Silly me. I am actually running a little behind schedule due to a broken down train.”

Lies! Where did that come from? No going back now… I continue.

“Could I just confirm your location as I am walking to you today as opposed to driving. Do you have your postcode to hand?”

Lies again! I have never driven to this office. Oh deary me!

“Yes of course! It is BN9 6RG.”

“Thank you. See you soon. Goodbye”

BN9 6RG. I have gone and written the letters down wrong. I always get my Bs, Ds, Js and Gs muddled up.

Thank goodness it will only take me a few minutes to get there.

I do the hurry walk again. Almost falling through the door I greet Aimee.

I made it. I made it. I made it.

The interview actually went really well. So well that, I got offered the job. All's well that ends well.

Tomorrow’s a new day. I think I’ll increase the volume on my alarm for tomorrow.


Bridget x

 Dyslexia affects 1 in 10 of the population. Some believe that Dyslexia only affects reading skills. It affects a person’s day to day living.

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AuthorKristina Sinclair