PDF is the standard format for business document collaboration. Yet, most business professionals lack the adequate software tools to enable true productivity and collaboration using this format. For many users and organisations this means they have been forced to compromise when it comes to PDF software. 

There is a real alternative to Adobe Acrobat with Nuance’s Power PDF software which offers a much better user experience and intuitive Microsoft Office style user experience. This allows users to work in the same interface they are familiar with, along with an impressive array of features specifically designed to make business users more productive.

The major features are:
PDF files can be created directly from a scanner with time saving one-click scanning to PDF as well as Scan to standard image, searchable or editable PDF formats.

Speak your notes directly into your PDF. The integrated Dragon Notes speech recognition functionality enables you to use your voice to quickly capture ideas and comments directly within PDF files. Simply speak into a microphone to create text notes in far less time than it takes to type. What’s more, it’s fast, accurate and a convenient way to capture text when working with PDFs.

Great word processing capabilities. You can eliminate the frustration of having to re-create or locate an original document to repurpose and edit its contents. Furthermore, familiar tools such as text edit, bold, underline and highlight let you edit your PDF file quickly and easily.

Accessing your documents in the cloud. Now you can save and access your stored documents in the cloud by connecting directly to today’s most popular cloud storage sites. This gives you access to your documents anytime, anywhere through the web or by the applications of supported mobile devices.

How does Power PDF benefit healthcare professionals?
Many hospitals and clinics talk about “going paperless” but even those that have fully deployed EHR implementations still receive and process high volumes of paper. Going paperless means more than just eliminating or limiting how much paper is printed inside the hospital. It also means giving the providers and staff inside the healthcare organisation the desktop PDF solution they need to support administrative, Health Information Management (HIM) and clinical workflows. Power PDF helps healthcare organisations with their most important processes:

– Patient registration workflows
– Records management and archiving
– Patient record review and collaboration
– Document production and assembly
– Protecting personal health information

How does Power PDF benefit legal professionals?
Legal professionals and law firms need a solution that can meet the diverse and demanding needs of the practice while at the same time ensuring information integrity and data protection. Power PDF helps legal professionals and law firms improve records management and litigation support processes to support their most important processes:
– Contract review and redlining
– Case management and document archiving
– Forms management
– Electronic discovery document processing
– Privilege review and redaction
– Document assembly and production
– Bates numbering
– Electronic court filing with PDF/A conversion and compliance checking

With Nuance Power PDF, professionals experience a familiar, intuitive interface, making it simple and easy to work with. As a result, this has become the No. 1 business alternative to Adobe within organisations of every size.

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AuthorJames Kirk