Assistive Technology solutions

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Enables documents and e-mails to be read back to you. Great for proof reading or to assist with dyslexia.

Mind Mapping

Allows you to get your ideas & lists onto the PC quickly as a visual map. Can assist with learning disabilities.

Screen Magnification

Magnifies on-screen applications making the text easier to see. Useful for visual impairments.

Assistive Technology

Ergonomic keyboards, mice and other hardware that enhances your ergonomics and
the way you operate your PC.

The Access to Work Scheme (provided by JobCentre Plus) can provide you (or your employees) with an assessment (to discuss your specific requirements) and funding to pay for (or towards) your software, hardware and training.

This is to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to ensure disabled workers are not seriously disadvantaged in the workplace.

Click here to download information regarding this scheme including contact details of your local Access To Work team.


Text-to-Speech software


Mind Mapping software


Screen Magnification software


Assistive Technology hardware